The Cruise Handbook for Svalbard

Hornsund Bellsund Kongsfjorden Nordvesthjørnet med Raudfjorden Woodfjorden, Liefdefjorden, Bockfjorden Bjørnøya Hopen Isfjorden Søraust Svalbard naturreservat Nordaust Svalbard

This handbook provides visitors to Svalbard with quality-assured information about the geology, natural environment, history and cultural heritage sites along the coasts of the archipelago. There is also an overview of the the geology, natural environment, history, cultural heritage sites and environmental legislation of Svalbard in the About Svalbard section.

Use the map to explore the areas of Svalbard. For the areas along the western and northern coasts of Spitsbergen, some of the most visited landing sites are described in detail, with practical advice pertaining to what visitors may experience there as well as aspects of the sites that need special consideration during visits.

Map of the areas in Svalbard
Updated May 2015

The Cruise Handbook is also available in book form

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