On the coast of Spitsbergen, slightly further north than 78°, a wide fjord opens out to the sea. Alkehornet to the north of the fjord is a distinct landmark. To the south, Radio Isfjord’s buildings at Kapp Linné emerge. Cultural remains from all of Svalbard’s historic eras, glaciers, characteristic flat-topped and layered mountains can all be found within this giant fjord complex. The largest communities of permanent residents are also located in the Isfjorden area: Barentsburg and Longyearbyen.

The mountain Templet, viewed from a western angle. Its formations characterize the Isfjorden area. In the background can be seen the valley of Sassendalen, with the river Sassenelva running down it. The legendary hunting station Fredheim, which belonged to Hilmar Nøis, is located to the left of this river. The area is also the location of the bird cliff Fjordnibba. (Image: Bjarne Otnes / The Governor of Svalbard)

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